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  • At the Beach!

    July 7th, 2015

    The Books We Read:
    Duck's Vacation
    by Gilad Soffer
    Pig Kahuna Pirates!  by Jennifer Sattler
    Chu's Day at the Beach  by Neil Gaiman

    The Animals at the Beach

    The sharks in the sea go chomp, chomp, chomp!
    chomp, chomp, chomp!
    chomp, chomp, chomp!
    The sharks in the sea go chomp, chomp, chomp!
    All through the day!

    The fish in the sea go swim, swim, swim...
    The lobsters in the sea go pinch, pinch, pinch...
    The octopus in the sea go wiggle wiggle wiggle...
    The sea horse in the sea rocks back and forth...
    The whale in the sea goes quirt squirt squirt...
    The clam in the sea goes open and shut...
    The crabs in the sea go click click click...
    The jellyfish in the sea go "bloop bloop bloop"!

    Project—Bubblewrap Print Starfish and Fish:


    We added sparkly "sand" at the Glitter Station--super fun!

  • Under the Sea

    July 5th, 2016


    The Books We Read:
    I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean by Kevin Sherry
    Big Al and Shrimpy by Andrew Clements
    This is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen

    Songs & Activities:

    The Waves on the Beach
    To the tune of "The Wheels on the Bus"
    The waves on the beach go up and down, up and down, up and down.
    The waves on the beach go up and down, all through the day.
    The clams on the beach (open and shut)...
    The crabs on the beach (snap, snap, snap)...
    The swimmers on the beach (splash, splash, splash)...
    The lifeguard on the beach (yells "Swim on back!")...
    Credit: perpeptualpreschool.com

    Five Little Fish
    Five little fishies swimming in the sea, teasing Mr. Shark, saying,
    "You can't catch me!"
    Along comes Mr. Shark, gliding silent as can be, and he SNAPS that fish right out of the sea!!
    Repeat, counting down.
    Credit: Various sources

    Craft—Bubblewrap Painting:

    The kids made fish, octopus, and starfish prints using bubblewrap and tempera paints. They also added glitter at the end for the straight-from-the-beach look!

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