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  • On the Farm

    September 12th, 2017


    The Books We Read:
    I Spy on the Farmby Edward Gibbs
    One Monday by Amy Huntington
    Bobby Tracey Campbell Pearson

    Songs & Activities:
    We Clap and Say Hello
    We clap and say "hello!"
    We clap and say "hello!"
    With our friends at storytime,
    We clap and say "hello!"

    We [fill in action--stomp, spin, jump, hop] and say "hello!"

    Credit: Jbrary

    One Bright Scarf
    We had fun with scarves after reading the windy-day book, One Monday:
    One bright scarf waiting for the wind to blow.
    Wiggle it high (reach to ceiling) and wiggle it low (down by your toes).
    Shake it fast and shake it slow.
    Where did it go? (Hide scarf in hands, behind back, etc.)
    One, two, three... release scarves into the air!

    Credit: Jbrary

    Craft—Sheep Printing
    We used bubblewrap and paint (all different colors!) to make the sheep bodies, and sponge-painted the fields and flowers.



  • Sun and Moon

    August 15th, 2017


    The Books We Read:
    Papa, please get the moon for me by Eric Carle
    Moonbear's Shadow by Frank Asch
    Kitten's First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes

    Songs & Activities:
    Aiken Drum
    There was a man lived in the moon, in the moon, in the moon.
    There was a man lived in the moon and his name was Aiken Drum.
    And he played upon a ladle, a ladle, a ladle.
    He played upon a ladle and his name was Aiken Drum.
    And his hair was made of spaghetti...
    And his eyes were made of...
    And his nose was made of...
    And his mouth was made of...
    Have the kids supply various foods for the body parts and see where it takes you!
    Credit: Raffi

    Craft—Sun and Moon Paintings
    We used sponges dipped in gray paint to make the moon and mixed hot colors for the sun.



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