These rules apply to all patrons of the library regardless of age.

1. Show mutual respect for everyone in the library.
2. Allow others to use the library in peace. Loud, boisterous behavior is not acceptable.
3. Treat library materials and other library property with care.
4. Neither the library nor its staff is responsible for patrons’ personal belongings left unattended.
5. Patrons having "oversized bags" may be asked to check these bags in a staff allocated space upon entering the building.
6. Cell phone use is limited to the front lobby, hall and family room.
7. Appropriate attire, including shirts and shoes, must be worn at all times.
8. Eating and drinking is limited to the designated area. Smoking and the use of illegal drugs are prohibited.
9. No animals are allowed, except service animals.
10. Use of skateboards, rollerblades and bicycles in the courtyard, on the front steps or in the library building is prohibited.
11.Possession and/or threat of use of any dangerous weapon or facsimile of any dangerous weapon is prohibited in the library building and grounds. This includes, but is not limited to any gun, projectile firing weapon or device, knife, dagger, switchblade or folding knife in excess of four inches.
12. Violations of rules for library behavior could result in the patron(s) being asked to leave, police being called, and/or patron being barred from the library.