Loan Periods & Fines

1. Most library materials are lent for two-week periods with the privilege of renewal unless a request is on file with the library. The number of renewals may vary by format. Some materials may be loaned for shorter or longer time periods at the discretion of the Library Director.

2. In order to share our resources, no more than one LaunchPad, four media kits, four audio materials, and four visual media per format will be loaned per patron. Three active interlibrary loans are allowed per patron at a time. The library may limit patrons to no more than five books on one subject or by one author.

3. Reference materials may be used only in the library.

4. Some books in the Vermont (Williston) collection do not circulate except at the discretion of Library Director.

5. Fines are not charged for overdue materials, but borrowers are billed for unreturned, damaged or lost materials per 22 V.S.A. § 111.

6. Users of the library who have failed to return books will be notified of their responsibility. When an item is eight weeks overdue the account is automatically restricted. If a patron has overdue materials in the amount of $150.00 or more, the police may be asked to assist in the collection of library materials, as per state statute.

7. If materials are returned, or payment made, library privileges are reinstated. Patrons who are chronically delinquent in returning materials may be
reinstated with express conditions of reduced number of materials loaned, trial periods or other conditions.

8. Patrons may not place a reserve on periodicals which have not yet been received by the library.

9. Patron history can be removed at the patron’s request, but the current status and the previous transaction will remain in the circulation records.