Internet Access Policy

The Dorothy Alling Memorial Library does not monitor, and has no control over, information accessed through the internet and cannot be responsible for its mm_content. As with all other library materials, children's access to the internet is the sole responsibility of the children's parent or guardian. A complete explanation is available from our computer use policy. Five computers are available for in the reference room; four computers are available in the Children's area. Wireless (Wi-fi) is available within the library and the library's outdoor courtyard.

Loan Periods & Fines

1. All library materials are lent for two-week periods with the privilege of renewal unless a request for the item is on file with the library. Renewals may be made by telephone, online or through e-mail.

2. In order to share our resources, no more than five books on one subject or by one author, five media kits, four audio books or four DVD/VHS movies may be borrowed per patron.

3. No more than three interlibrary loans may be active per patron at one time.

4. Reference materials may only be used in the library.

5. Most books in the Vermont (Williston) collection do not circulate except at the Library Director’s discretion.

6. Fines are not charged for overdue materials, but borrowers are billed for unreturned, damaged or lost materials per VSA 22 §111 (2001).

7. Users of the library who have failed to return books will be notified by mail of their responsibility. If these contacts fail, and the overdue amount is $75.00 or more, the Library Director will notify the trustees who will make additional contacts. If all efforts to resolve the situation fail, library privileges will be revoked. The police may be contacted to help the library retrieve materials whose replacement value is over $75.

8. If materials are returned, or payment made, library privileges may be reinstated at the discretion of the board.

9. Patrons may not place a reserve on periodicals which have not yet been received by the library.

Rights of Patrons/Users of the Internet

The library respects the rights and confidentiality of its patrons. Users must comply with U.S. copyright law and all other applicable state and federal laws governing information access. Use of the Internet for activities that violate local, state, or federal laws is prohibited. This includes activities such as viewing child pornography, committing fraud, or spreading libel or slander.

The library is a public building with numerous visitors of all ages and sensibilities each day. The library seeks to provide an atmosphere that is pleasant and not disruptive to its patrons. For this reason, Internet viewing of material or text that is inappropriate in a public forum is not allowed. The library asks patrons to be aware of and sensitive to others using the library. Materials that one person may find acceptable can be offensive to others. A computer with a privacy screen is located in the reference room for adult patrons.