Vermont Law School - Community Legal Information Center (CLIC)

clicThe Community Legal Information Center (CLIC) offers free legal reference services to the general public. It is financed by an annual grant from the Vermont Department of Libraries and operated by VLS librarians and staff.

Vermont Law Library

vermontlegalThe Vermont Law Help web site provides legal information for people in the state of Vermont.  Most useful for low-income people, it contains information on topics such as divorce and tenant rights, Medicaid and food stamps, employment, education and information about free legal services in Vermont.

Vermont Judiciary Forms

lawlogoThe Vermont Judiciary Forms website contains all the official forms that are used in Vermont Courts. It includes PDF fillable forms and links to the CourtFormPrep program.

US Legal Forms is a site where federal, state, business, personal, real estate and many other forms can be purchased for use. Costs depend on form.

'Lectric Law Library

lectriclawA great resource on law with a light-hearted format. Information on many legal topics, including wills and estate planning, consumer rights and protection, employment issues, family law and property and debt issues.


findlawFindlaw is a searchable site with links to federal and state forms, cases and codes. Information about labor laws, employment discrimination, bankruptcy, divorce and many other topics. Also contains "Do It Yourself"  legal documents. These do cost depending on the document, but allow online creation of items like living wills, trademark registration, business corporation, etc.