Dorothy Alling Library offers multiple options to download audiobooks, e-books, magazines, comics, music and video from our website for Dorothy Alling patrons 

HomeCard patrons from other libraries can only download items via their home library.  Not all libraries participate in these programs. For assistance, please call your home library.

If you need additional assistance please visit the help section on each website - link on chart below under "Help". We strongly suggest you review the help section before starting a download. It only takes a few minutes and can save you a lot of time and frustration!

  LUV(OverDrive) RBDigital  Magazines Hoopla
Items Available Audiobooks & E-Books  Magazines Movies, music, audiobooks, e-books, comics & TV shows
What do I need to login? DAML barcode on the bottom of your yellow library card and your PIN which is normally your last name (or whatever you have set up to use the library system, Koha), it is case sensitive! DAML barcode on the bottom of your yellow library card. Once in an account can be setup with an email for future use. Email address, DAML barcode on the bottom of your yellow library card and password which is normally last name. It is case sensitive!
Getting Started Click Here  Click Here  Click Here
Software Used

We recommend using the Libby App now available for your phone or tablet!

Windows: OverDrive Console for Windows and Windows Media Player, iTunes (if Apple device used).

Mac: OverDrive Console for Mac and iTunes

Media Center for Windows computers ,Windows Media Player , iTunes (if Apple device used)

Apps available for iDevices as well as Android and Kindle or magazines can be read through a browser window. Can be used with the following:

iDevice, Android, Roku, Chromecast and FireTV
Titles Available

5,960 audiobooks
10,782 e-books

DAML is also an Advantage member which means we buy copies of titles only available to our patrons. Login to OverDrive to see what is available.

 Over 65 titles available  62,000 audiobooks
 14,000 comics
 265,000 e-books
 12,000 Movies
 270,000 Music
 2,000 TV
Availability Some titles always available. Hold lists used.

Holds must be checked out within 3 days of receiving the email that they are ready.

All titles always available. Check out as many as you want! Back issues also available.  All titles always available.
Check out period 7 or 14 days. No renewal allowed, but can be checked back out if no one is waiting. Most items can be returned early.  No returns required.  Audiobooks - 21 days
 Comics - 21 days
 E-books - 21 days
 Movies - 3 days
 Music - 7 days
 TV - 3 days
Expiration Will expire on computer/player when loan period is through. Most titles can be returned early.  No expiration. Will expire on computer /player when loan period is through.
Concurrent checkouts 3  No limit  5 per month
Concurrent Holds 10  NA NA

Please look here for help

Please look here for help Please look here for help
Overdrive Support

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