Find what book to read next

Looking for that next great read? We are here to help! Visit our 'What to read next' page to see all the options available. 

Our new catalog has many features to help you find your next great read. To reach the catalog go to: or use the 'Search the catalog' link under 'Things to Do'.


Once you click on a title of a read you like there will be selections below to help find your next read.

  • Description: This is a short synopsis of the book selected.
  • More Like This: Other titles similar to the one selected. Click on the cover for a description and locations where it may be available.
  • Similar Titles from NoveList: Like the previous category, this will display items that another source, NoveList, thinks might be of interest. Clicking on the item image or the title will take you to the item.
  • Similar Authors from NoveList: A selection of authors that NoveList has deemed similar. Clicking on the author will take you to a page of all titles available from the author at the library.
  • Reviews from GoodReads: Reviews from other readers to give you a sense of what others think of the book.
  • Subjects: Pertinent themes relating to the book. Clicking on one of them will create a page of items with the same theme.

Additionally if you start rating items you will see 'Recommended for you' in your account. Suggestions will also show up when you place an item on hold.